History in Australia of the

Grocke Family

Johann Edward Louis GROCKE was born in Prussia in 1813.  He immigrated to South Australia (Port Adelaide) arriving upon the vessel SKJOLD on 27/10/1841. He died at Quorn on 14/10/1894.  He married Anna Dorothea SCHULZ born 1818 died 1878. Johann Edward Louis GROCKE was my Great, Great Grandfather.  (Written by Geoffrey Thomas GROCKE born 15/03/1949)

They had 6 children, one being my Great Grandfather, Johann Ferdinand GROCKE born 1852 died 14/02/1884. The others being Karl August GROCKE, Mathilda Bertha GROCKE, Johanna Caroline GROCKE, Pauline Louisa GROCKE and Carl Herman GROCKE.

Johann Edward Louis GROCKE was married first to Anna Elizabeth MATZANKE and had 3 children. They were Elisabeth Wilhelmina GROCKE, Marie Louise GROCKE and Johann Gotthard GROCKE (Born 25/08/1841 and died at sea on SKJOLD 29/09/1841)

Johann Ferdinand GROCKE born 1852 died at Kilkerran on 14/02/1884 married Johanna Marie STEICKE (born 22/04/1850) on 24/03/1873 and had 8 children.

They were Clara Louise GROCKE 1873 – 1951, Paul Gotthard GROCKE 1874 – 1875, Bernard Reinhold GROCKE 1876 – 1952 (This is my Grandfather), Frank Louis GROCKE 1877 – 1936, Wilhelm August GROCKE 1879, Julius Albert GROCKE 1880 – 1931, Benno Alfred GROCKE 1883 – 1884, Olga Hedwig GROCKE, 1882 – 1933.

Bernard Reinhold GROCKE born 01/09/1876 at Light Pass, S.A married Pauline Martha JANZ (born 04/01/1883) at Appila, S.A. on 15/01/1907. Pauline was the daughter of Carl August JANZ born 1848 and Julianne Henriette PIPER born 1843. Both Grandparents are buried in the Wudinna cemetery on the West Coast of S.A. Grandfather died in 1952 and Grandmother on 28/02/1961.

They had the following children:

Carl Bernhard GROCKE (known as Ben) in 1907.

Edna Augusta GROCKE (known as Ede) in 1909.

Herbert Francis GROCKE (known as Herb) in 1912.

Martin Goddard GROCKE (known as Mart) in 1913.

Eric Alfred GROCKE (known as Eric) in 1914.

Arthur Theodore GROCKE (known as Spitz) on 06/07/1915. Father of Geoffrey Thomas GROCKE.

Louis Emmanuel GROCKE (known as Lou) in 1917.

Clara Adela GROCKE (known as Clare) in 1920.

Norman Walter GROCKE (known as Norm) in 1923.

Ernest Arnold GROCKE (known as Brit) in 1923.

Verna Estelle GROCKE (known as Jackie) in 1925.


Bernard Reinhold GROCKE purchased a farming property at Koongawa on the West Coast of S.A. in or about 1927.  That property is still in the family as of 2015. This property had been worked by Ernest Alfred GROCKE (Brit) and his wife Audrey before handing it over to their only son, Mervyn Wayne GROCKE (known as Wayne) born 20/06/1949 died 13/03/2015.  The property is now worked by Wayne’s children. Wayne had the following children.  Brit, Aaron, Belinda, Tracy, Martin and Kerry.


Arthur Theodore GROCKE married Eileen Roseanne FREER born 26/02/1927 in 1947.

They had the following children.

Geoffrey Thomas GROCKE born 15/03/1949 at Maitland, S.A.

Susanne Fay GROCKE born 30/06/1953 at Maitland, S.A.

Douglas Roy GROCKE born 27/04/1956 at Maitland, S.A. died 27/11/2014.

Peter Richard GROCKE born 27/11/1959.

Ian James GROCKE born 27/08/1962.


Arthur Theodore GROCKE worked as a farmhand on properties around Maitland from 1948. The last property that he worked was located in Sandilands near Maitland on Yorke Peninsula.  The property was owned by the King family of Maitland and managed by Mr. Bill King.

Geoffrey Thomas GROCKE married Moira Patricia HANRAHAN born 01/04/1949. They had 2 children, Paul Geoffrey GROCKE born Glenelg 01/05/1969 and Shane Thomas GROCKE born Whyalla 14/11/1972.

Paul Geoffrey GROCKE married Frances Mary FAULKNER in 1993.  They had the following children.  Grace Cecelia born 24/09/1997, Eleanor Frances born 19/09/2000 and Harry George born 1/12/2002.

Shane Thomas GROCKE married Tanya Renee STOLCMAN on 10/11/2012. Tanya had a daughter from a previous marriage, Taniqa Alexis born 16/08/2006.


Susanne Fay GROCKE married Leslie Elzard MAYNARD.  They had one child, Wayne Elzard MAYNARD born 20/04/1976 at Kadina. Susanne had a second marriage to Bill NEILL.

Douglas Roy GROCKE had a daughter Wendy and two sons Greg and Roy HUGHES.

Peter Richard GROCKE never married.

Ian James GROCKE married Heike WIRTH and had a son, Dylan Ian GROCKE born 29/04/1986 at Whyalla.